Agreements on Cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Nagasaki University

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine (MoHU) and RPI have signed a plan of cooperation in the area of radiation protection and safety and scientific and technological support of protection public health from harmful effects of ionizing radiation. The item No. 2 of the plan anticipates the implementation of requirements Council Directive 2013/59/Euratom in the industrial and occupational hygiene safety standards and the item No. 5 anticipates an amendment of the NRBU-97 and other core health protection regulation with a support by interested parties.

The RPI has a long-term agreement on cooperation with the Nagasaki University. In November 2017 the agreement was extended for the next 5 years. The agreement covers a wide range of safety-related topics in the area of the effects of ionizing radiation on human health.