National Experience

The RPI takes part in the project associated with large-scale assessment of the radiation situation in more than 2,200 towns that were home to more than 3.5 million people. This task was complicated by a variety of environmental and social conditions. As a result, numerous measurements of cesium and strontium radionuclides in the body of citizens of Ukraine were made, and a set of eco-dosimetric models developed. Appropriate measures for radiation protection of the population and rehabilitation of the territories of Ukraine were carried out. There was developed and implemented a system of thyroid dose reconstruction of the entire population of Ukraine.

During the last 15 years, the RPI has been providing the occupational safety and internal dosimetry services for the international project on the erection of the Chornobyl’s New Safe Confinement (NSC). The RPI’s team implemented an unprecedented large-scale program of individual monitoring of internal exposure, which is focused on the intake of transuranic elements and covers more than 17,000 workers.

The main organizations with which RPI collaborated in the sphere of dosimetry, radiation safety and health risk assessment are:

Governmental Bodies

Nuclear Facilities

Health and Research Institutions