FCT – functional complex of tasks of the specialist in the field of internal exposure dosimetry

The FCT is intended for emergency and routine analysis of individual and collective doses of internal exposure. The main tasks that the FCT solves is:

  • calculation of individual and collective doses of internal exposure under different conditions of intake of radionuclides;
  • calculation of total doses of internal exposure from a group of radionuclides that intake into the human body simultaneously;
  • reconstruction of internal doses of radionuclides on the basis of measurements on WBC or bioassay samples;
  • calculation of local exposure doses to tissues of the human respiratory system due to inhalation of alpha-emitting aerosols.

FCT is used in the Ministry of Emergencies and Affairs of Protection of the Population from the Consequences of the Chornobyl Disaster (from 2012 – The State Emergency Service of Ukraine).



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