IDSS – Internal dosimetry support system

The IDSS is intended for a dose assessment under normal or accident conditions. It is а flexible software product equipped with the latest models of radionuclide biokinetic and dosimetry. IDSS has а full set of the ICRP internal dosimetry models.

IDSS enables the calculation of the time-course of activity, the dose rate, the dynamics of the dose accumulation, and the committed dose in any tissue of the body; the daily urinary and fecal excretion rates also are available. The results may be accessed for the analysis and interpretation in graphical or numerical form and may be stored for future retrieval. The software allows analyzing of the standard and non-standard exposure conditions and assists in the assessment of the dose reliability. The main distinguishing features of IDSS are the processing of an arbitrary time-course of the intake function, extended possibilities of data analysis, and an orientation to a wide spectrum of research problems.

IDSS was used for the computation of the Annual Limits of Intake (ALI) for inhalation and ingestion and Permissible Concentrations (PC) of radionuclides in air and drinking water, which were incorporated in the Norms of Radiation Safety of Ukraine (NRBU‑97). The software was used during the preparation of the ICRP publications 131, 134, 137, 141.


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