Software for radiation safety and health risk assessment developed by RPI

IDSS – Internal dosimetry support system

IMIE – Individual Monitoring for Internal Exposure

KАDО – System of operative analysis of radiation situation due to emergencies at an NPP

RNPP_Doses – System for the calculation of doses to the critical groups of the population in the Rivne NPP’s supervision zone

DoseCalc – System for analysis of the results of the individual monitoring of internal exposure of NPP personnel

FCT – functional complex for tasks of the specialist in the field of internal exposure dosimetry

“Passport 1996-2006” – Interactive Information Computer Package with Visualization of the Results of Dosimetric Characterization

“EPIUKR” – Statistical Toolbox for Health Risk Assessment

“RADENVIR 4.0” – Interactive Information Computer Package for Assessment of the Population Exposure Following Contamination of Environment by Multiple Radionuclides